When Wang Zhiguo, dragging his luggage, just slammed the door shut, he lay on the bed next door
Wang Ming, his son, was shocked by the sound of the door closing outside. He sat up! Xiao Ming, who has been awake for a long time, listens to his father's departure. He can't help feeling a long-awaited desire in his heart, as if he had been looking forward to this day.
Hoo... Dad's gone at last.
Xiao Ming is a little nervous and excited at this time. He stealthily takes out a pair of skin colored silk stockings hidden under his pillow. After sniffing the elegant and charming fragrance on the silk stockings, the chenbo stick in his underwear suddenly rises up! Then he began to hide in the quilt and masturbate secretly with silk stockings.
This sexy one-piece color silk stockings is an old one worn by her mother Liu Mengxi. Originally, Liu Mengxi threw this silk stockings in the garbage can of the toilet for disposal, but she didn't want to be secretly collected by her son Xiao Ming. At this time, Xiao Ming is greedily enjoying the aftertaste of his mother's silk stockings, enjoying the silk like touch, sticking the young and hard turtle head against the tip of the stockings, excitedly playing with his own flesh, and his brain begins to fantasize about scenes of obscene and exciting scenes.
Wang Ming is 13 years old. This boy, who is just in the first grade of junior high school, visited adult pornographic websites by chance. He soon realized the beauty of the adult world. What makes Xiaoming even more exciting is that he also appreciates the concept of green mother masturbating mother in the website, which makes Xiaoming out of control. He not only learns to masturbate, but also has a bad idea about his mother's stockings and legs.
After all, Xiaoming is young and has little sexual experience. Although he is in the initial stage of hormone development, he has no resistance to his mother's silk stockings. In addition, Wang Zhiguo, the strict father, has been supervising Xiaoming's study, so that Xiaoming can only endure loneliness but dare not act without authorization. Even his usual masturbation dare not be carried out rashly, for fear that his father will know.
However, now that Wang Zhiguo is away from home, Xiaoming feels happy and relaxed. He can finally take advantage of this time to be a little bold and take advantage of his mother's delicious silk stockings to fly.
Dong Dong! Xiaoming? Are you awake? Come out for breakfast.
Ah, wait! Ma... Come out right now!
When Xiao Ming is still holding his mother's stockings cover with his little meat stick, he is surprised by Liu Mengxi's knock on the door and is in a cold sweat! At this time, Xiaoming quickly hides the stockings in the quilt, while at the same time, Liu Mengxi also pushes the door of her son's room open.
Wake up, son. Don't sleep.
Oh, Ma! I told you to wait
Panic Xiaoming see Liu Mengxi pushed open his door, can't help but also surprised and angry to his mother said.
But at this time, Liu Mengxi saw that her son was still lying in bed, so she was not happy.
Your father just left today. Don't neglect him. Get up quickly.
Although Liu Mengxi loves her son, she never dotes on him. Xiaoming also knows his mother's temper. Seeing that Liu Mengxi's beautiful face is not angry, he puts on his clothes and prepares to get out of bed for breakfast.
Ah, ah, ah! mom? What are you doing?
Make a quilt for you.
Oh, no, no, I'll just fold it myself.
ha-ha? What happened today? How can you begin to make your own quilt?
When Liu Mengxi saw her son get out of bed, she was ready to clean up his son's messy bed. But Xiaoming screamed at this time, because the silk stockings that had just masturbated were still hidden in the quilt. He didn't want Liu Mengxi to find out this dirty thing, so he took the initiative to tidy up his bedding.
Come on, mom, leave it here. I'll clean up and come out.
Hehe, well, it's time for you to learn to take care of yourself.
Liu Mengxi didn't feel suspicious at this time, but simply thought that her son had grown up and didn't want his parents to meddle in their own affairs, so she chuckled a few times and turned out of the room.
At this time, Xiao Ming takes this opportunity to peek at her mother's sexy silk legs. As she walks out of the room, Liu Mengxi moves her two amazing silk stockings and takes out the old silk stockings. After comparing them, she can't help feeling depressed again.
Ah... When can I steal a new silk stocking from my mother?
Xiaoming is young after all. He thought he could play with his mother's attractive stockings after his father left. However, the scene just now sounded the alarm for Xiaoming. Liu Mengxi is not just a loving mother. Xiao Ming has long heard of her mother's fame outside. Gentleness and virtue are only the surface of Liu Mengxi. Indifference and strictness are the inner beauty of her mother. Although Xiao Ming is young, he knows this simple truth. He doesn't want to expose himself because of this, I don't want to let my mother know my greed for her two silk legs.
However, as the saying goes, the mother of silk stockings at home will naturally relax her vigilance to her son, and Xiao Ming will not give up his lust because of an alarm. In these two months, Xiao Ming will try his best to peep at his mother's sexy legs of silk stockings in order to satisfy his lust.
However, it's not as simple as Xiaoming thought. His cool and plump silk stockings are not just attracting a coyote