Liu Mengxi in the morning is as full and thorough as dewdrops, exuding an elegant fragrance and charming
taste. A pair of plump breasts that had just awakened on her chest, gently swayed under the thin camisole on her body
While a piece of crystal-colored silk stockings hung on the back of the chair was gently touched by a white jade hand stretched out at this time.
Pick up.

   Then, I saw that the snow-white, round buttocks sitting on the bed were accompanied by two beautiful legs in stretching, making a pair of
Er squeezed the crystal-clear jade toes into the thin one-piece silk stockings, and then carefully wrapped them in her repair
Very long white legs.

   The above lingering movements may seem seductive, but they also correspond to Liu Mengxiís cold and sexy temperament.
Complementing each other, Wang Zhiguo, who was watching quietly, couldnít help being a little bit hungry and thirsty, and the fleshy stems in his crotch were also unaware of it.
Juezhong stood up.

  ...... Zhiguo? you're awake?


   Then donít you hurry up and tidy up? What time is the plane in the morning?

   No hurry, no hurry, and boarding at 9:30 is not too late.

   Husband Wang Zhiguo is lying on the head of the bed at this time, his two eyes have long been elegant and flirted by his wife
People are deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery, but his heart is a little unhappy, thinking that he will stay away from himself today.
Wang Zhiguo's mood naturally can be imagined for two months after her beautiful wife in silk stockings.

   Wife, Iíve been away for more than two months, hehe... I really donít want you.

   Oh, Zhiguo, don't you touch me? It's almost seven o'clock, don't you get up and get ready?

  Wang Zhiguo looked at his wifeís breasts and half-exposed breasts and returned her graceful and sexy silk feet. He felt uncomfortable.
Forbidden wanted to reach out to touch Liu Mengxi's silky white legs. But when his sex hand hasn't touched
When he arrived at his wifeís tight and round silk stockings thighs, Liu Mengxi unexpectedly hit him on the back of his hand, which made Wang Zhi
Guo felt depressed again, but because of his respect for his wifeís cold personality, Wang Zhiguo had to laugh with him.
Facing Liu Mengxi, he begged.

   Hey, my wife, two months is really hard, while you still donít let me have a hand addiction

   Liu Mengxi is a woman who combines beauty and culture. She is a noble person and has always been right.
Special attention is paid to the affairs of men and women, even if it is her beloved husband, Liu Mengxi will appear particularly reserved and cautious.

   But Liu Mengxi is not the kind of saint who does not eat fireworks. She knows that it will take two months to be with her husband.
After a long time, after all, the husband is also a common man, and the two have been married for many years.
Forgiving her husband's lonely and unbearable mood, in the end she twisted around and kissed her sexy lips to Wang Zhi with a slight smile.
Countryís mouth.

   Zhiguo...Will you wait for your return?

  Wang Zhiguo has always been more loyal and honest. He didnít see that his beautiful wife had condescended and tactful to him at this time.
I wanted to force something, but after a regretful smile, I got dressed, got out of bed and walked out of the bedroom.

   It's almost seven o'clock, why isn't Xiao Ming up yet?

   Zhiguo, let your son sleep a little longer, he has been late to review his homework in the past two days, and itís still time
Too late.

   After freshening up for a while, Wang Zhiguo took his luggage and walked to the door of his house. At this time, he saw that his sonís door was still
Closed tightly, and after looking up at the clock on the wall of the living room, he was about to knock on the door to wake up his son, so that he could say something to him.
do not. But at this moment Liu Mengxi stopped him warmly. The kind-hearted mother wanted her son to sleep a little longer, which could not help Wang
Zhiguo murmured a few more words.

  Wife, you had to work so hard when I was away. Now these kids who just entered junior high school are very greedy
Play, itís not as naive as it was when I was in elementary school. Ipads, mobile phones, etc., donít let your son always
Go online for fear of delaying your studies.

   Don't worry, I see, you also pay attention on the way, and call me when you arrive.

  Okay, then I'm leaving, uh...that...wife, you...

  Wang Zhiguo stood at the door of his house, looking at Liu Mengxi with reluctant eyes, and at his wifeís fair-skinned beauty
Look at his wifeís straight and round breasts, at his sexy mature figure, and at his wifeís
The two beautiful legs in silk stockings that were about to be separated from him started to feel a lot of emotions in his heart.

   At this time, Liu Mengxi seemed to have also sensed her husbandís inner activities, and she saw her crisp milk sway slightly, and she was tiptoeing.
Picking up the toes of the pair of sexy stockings, gently stretched out his arms around the back of Wang Zhiguoís neck, and at the same time made a soft voice.
Yin said to her husband.

   Husband, itís only two months anyway, itís over in a blink of an eye, donít you think so?

   Liu Mengxiís gentleness at this time made Wang Zhiguo, who was about to leave, even more reluctant to give up. He and Liu
Meng Xi has been married for many years and loves each other. This is a long time separation between the two places, and her heart is naturally manifested.
It's extremely contradictory.

   But Wang Zhiguo changed his mind and thought again. The two months were not short or long, and waited for him to go out.
After I come back, I must be successful, and I will definitely be promoted in the unit when I come back. Then I will share the sky with my beautiful wife.
It was not too late, so after kissing his wife goodbye, he rushed to the airport with his luggage.

   Liu Mengxi is 36 years old and works as a department manager in a listed company. Although Liu Mengxi is already a mother,
But her beauty and figure are close to the unity of nature and man. She has a slender figure, beautiful features, beautiful appearance and temperament.
You Jia, you can even describe her appearance as "all over the country and all over the city". And her inner beauty is perfect,
The beauty of this internal and external merger is not comparable to those of vulgar fans, nor is it comparable to those of young girls.
It is a kind of beauty that is between sexiness and maturity, but also reveals a unique charm.

   Liu Mengxiís figure that has experienced the baptism of years is like a remodeled exquisite artwork, fair and fair,
Full, tight, round, bumpy, sexy and charming, itís like starting from a fresh and astringent fairy peach, gradually
It has become a mature and round honey pomelo, with an intoxicating smell from the inside to the outside, especially her
Those two supremely slender legs in silk stockings are more elegant in the rich rhyme, and indifferent in the elegance, they are called men.
We can only admire from a distance, but dare not get close to profanity.

   No wonder Wang Zhiguo is reluctant to give up Liu Mengxi time and time again, but Wang Zhiguo is more at ease
Liu Mengxi was alone with her son at home, because he knew in his heart that her wifeís iceberg-like indifferent character was her
The best umbrella.

   However, although these two months seem to be fleeting, the series of stories that happened during this period,
But it far exceeded Wang Zhiguo's imagination. As the saying goes, if you are not afraid of thieves, you are afraid that thieves are thinking about it, even though Wang Zhiguo is
His wifeís loyalty was convinced, but the perverts around who had been watching for a long time began to respond after Wang Zhiguo left.
His beautiful wife in sexy stockings is about to move...