So many black stockings and white stockings in anime and manga, but in reality it seems that both are not common, but there are many flesh-colored stockings, what are the disadvantages of black silk white silk?

1. Stockings can neutralize skin color
I believe that many girls have a trouble, is the uneven skin tone, previously in the summer time without attention, legs will be sun component layer, some even say coated with sunscreen, occasionally do not pay attention to the sun will be layered, just like natural color card, wear a short skirt is very strange, there are compulsive friends should define this as eating root-ugly. This time the flesh-colored stockings can relieve this embarrassment.

2. stockings can cover up
Why do you say that stockings can cover it up? In my personal experience, I have a lot of mosquito bite scars on my legs, if I wear a small skirt with bare legs, it is very obvious, and if the sun, the color will look darker, I once had a great headache. Wearing stockings after the truth that the marks do not dislike close look, will not notice. There is also the problem of leg hair, for various reasons are limited to not take hair removal for the ladies, but also can be a lazy man's tool, because you wear up leg hair is gone. Oh yes, and chicken skin, buy stockings that suit your skin tone is really not see chicken skin.

3. can trim the leg shape

The trouser-like socks are inherently elastic, when you wear the body, some little disobedient flesh will immediately stick to the legs, not loose across the, of course, ha, the premise can be suitable for wearing short skirts of the legs. This will have the effect of icing on the cake.

4. reflect the visual experience of white skin and beauty

The difference is that stockings are visually white by a degree but not fake, to be truly natural and invisible. So flesh-colored stockings are the magic tool that makes my legs look white but natural.