So many black stockings and white stockings in anime and manga, but in reality it seems that both are not common,

but there are many flesh-colored stockings, what are the disadvantages of black silk white silk?

It is more versatile, right?

Our company wears work clothes with flesh-colored pantyhose at work.

I also like flesh-colored ones in the summer. Some ultra-thin pantyhose are invisible, for people like me who

love sweaty feet, summer essential, winter, wear thick flesh-colored pantyhose.

This issue I have the right to speak, I usually wear the most is the flesh-colored stockings. Usually go out to

work will wear. The biggest advantage of flesh silk is that it is versatile, in addition to some special wear,

basically no flesh silk with no style of dressing. Wear skirt can wear meat silk, wear pants can wear meat silk,

as long as you can imagine can match meat silk, which is the advantage and disadvantage of meat silk, because it

is very low-profile, so what clothes can match, meat silk emphasizes the natural, so it does not highlight the

focus. The focus of flesh silk is to beautify, the original skin that may have some flaws, because of the flesh

silk with it, looks more delicate. This is one of the reasons why I like fleshlines. Flesh silk is like adding a

layer of filter to the skin, the legs look white and beautiful. Although all called meat silk, but there are some

kinds of meat silk, toe reinforcement, crotch design, there are thick and thin and some other kinds, etc.,

different designs for different ways to wear, but not as elaborate as black silk white silk, so do not have to

distinguish so carefully. But there is one thing to note, thick silk and thin silk can not wear the same, thin

meat silk can be casual, but thick meat silk if not with good will pull the overall earth.