Yo!? Brother Wang, what are you doing this morning?
Oh, it's Xiao Li. Hehe, the unit has something to do and is away on business.
Oh, I can't compare with you. Your company has such a good salary and can always travel frequently. That's why
Must be fat again?
When Wang Zhiguo downstairs was ready to go out of the community with his luggage, he saw a Nian in a security uniform
The young man greeted him with a smile on his face. At this time, Wang Zhiguo also glanced at the visitor and held it temporarily
He put down his luggage and exchanged greetings with the young security guard.
Hehe, what fat difference? It's just a long journey. By the way, Xiao Li, I was just looking for you, these two
If there is anything wrong with the community property within the month, just go directly to my wife.
Ah? two months? Oh... Oh, OK, brother Wang, don't worry. I'll pay more attention to my sister-in-law.
The young security guard whose name is Li Hao is 25 years old. He is a migrant from the countryside
Small farmer, who has been a security guard in this sdfsdg community for nearly two years, is quite familiar with Wang Zhiguo. At this time when
When he overheard that Wang Zhiguo was going to travel away from home for two months, he couldn't help but look a little surprised on his face
My heart was excited.
In fact, in Li Hao's eyes, he not only envies Wang Zhiguo's rich work, but also envies Wang Zhiguo
Wang Zhiguo's beautiful silk stockings wife made him envy his happy family.
Li Hao is smart, but he is very timid and cautious. He knows that he was born in a humble background, but he always has
Unrealistic fantasy, when he first saw Liu Mengxi's two stunning silk stockings and beautiful legs, he opened the door
He began to dream that a toad wanted to eat swan meat. He was flirting with Liu Mengxi's silk legs day and night
Can have a few words with Liu Mengxi.
But Liu Mengxi, who has always been high and cold, never looked at Li Hao, not because Liu Mengxi despised him
Li Hao's origin, but because Liu Mengxi always felt that this glib young man was not very real, so he avoided it
Far away. But this has deepened Li Hao's greed for Liu Mengxi! And now when Li Hao listens
Seeing that Wang Zhiguo was going on a business trip for more than two months, he naturally felt a burst of joy in his heart.
OK, Xiao Li, I won't tell you more. I have to catch a plane.
OK, OK, brother Wang, go slowly, brother Wang, go slowly
However, after the snickering joy, there was a burst of endless loss. Even if Wang Zhiguo was not at home for the past two months, it would be too late
What can I do? Li Hao, who was born in a humble family, is very different from Liu Mengxi, who is high above. He can only see
Baba looked at Liu Mengxi's sexy and charming silk stockings and beautiful legs floating around in front of him, and he could only
He continued to dream that a toad wanted to eat swan meat.
Alas... Shit! What a cunt!
Li Hao sighed and looked at Wang Zhiguo's far away back. He felt depressed and unwilling pain
Scolded. At the same time, behind him came a man's voice.
Xiao Li? What are you muttering about here early in the morning??
Ouch!? It's president Ren!
Li Hao was startled by the sudden sound! Look back at him in high-end clothes
The middle-aged man in pure cotton pajamas is pouring his garbage bag into the dustbin and facing him indifferently
Come here.
Hehe, president Ren, come to take out the garbage in the morning?
Well, who was that just now?
Oh, your neighbor, Wang Zhiguo.
Oh... Zhiguo.
The Chinese man, Ren Haibo, 45, is a senior manager of a listed company
He was also a neighbor with Wang Zhiguo, and he was in the same company with Liu Mengxi. At this time, Ren haibono thought
Glancing at Wang Zhiguo in the distance, seeing that he hurried away with his suitcase, he asked Li Hao around him.
Where is he going with his luggage?
Who knows whether it's true or not?
Hum, it takes two months to go. It seems that their unit hasn't stopped recently.
hey! That's right. How can his broken unit compare with President Li's company? You are all listed now
The big boss of the group, you
All right, let's go.
Hey? Hey, president Ren??
Li Hao is well aware of Ren Haibo's social status and always wants to curry favor with the rich general manager so that he can climb up
Relationship, get a good job. However, Ren Haibo doesn't look down on this young man of origin and status at all,
If he hadn't just seen him talking to Wang Zhiguo, Ren Haibo wouldn't even pay Li Hao a glance. At this time, Ren Haibo follows
With one word, he was ready to go home, but Li Hao grabbed the opportunity to flatter Ren Haibo.
So what?
President Ren, what I told you before... The transfer from the post
oh Xiao Li, as you know, our company has a high door card. At least we have to graduate from bachelor's degree
OK, I advise you to read more while you are still young, and then go to get a diploma and come back to me.
Ouch... President Ren, where am I? I'm like a security guard in your company, even if I'm here
Your company can look at the gate.
Li Hao's idea is very simple. If he can reasonably enter Ren Haibo's company, he will even act as the lowest level
The security guard who opens the door is better than in this community. And he also knew that Liu Mengxi was in that company
Go to work so that he can often see Liu Mengxi while holding a high salary. In fact, it's plain
It's not for anything else. It's just to peep into Liu Mengxi's two beautiful silk stockings that make him crazy.
However, Ren Haibo had long left Li Hao's request out of his mind. When he saw Li Hao's bitter request on his face, he didn't
He laughed sarcastically.
Hehe, Xiao Li, Xiao Li, do you think it's easy to be a doorman in our company? We
Foreign businessmen often visit there. Can you speak English?
ha-ha? It can't be true? I won't just stay here, or I'll just go back down to earth
Plant your land!

After Ren Haibo finished, he took a white look at the little security guard in a daze, and then walked away. This can't help but
Let Li Hao deeply hate, facing Ren Haibo's leaving figure, he spit hard on the ground!
Pooh! Shit! The dog looks down on people! No wonder God made your family a queen!! I curse you
Eight generations of the whole family are unparalleled!!