Yo! ? Brother Wang, why are you going there this morning?

   Oh, its Xiao Li.

   Alas, why dont you say that you cant compare with you. Your unit has such a good treatment and you can always travel frequently. This time, it must be a fat man again, right?

   When Wang Zhiguo downstairs was about to leave the complex with his luggage, he saw a young man in a security uniform greeted him with a smile on his face. At this time, Wang Zhiguo also took a look at the person, then temporarily put down his luggage, and exchanged a few words with the young security guard.

   Ha ha, what's the fat? It's just a long journey. By the way, Xiao Li, I'm still looking for you. If there is anything to do with the residential property within these two months, just talk to my wife directly.

  what? Two months? Oh... oh well, dont worry, brother Wang, I will pay more attention to my sister-in-law.

   The name of the young security guard who spoke was Li Hao. He was 25 years old this year. He was a small farmer who came from the countryside to work in the city. He has been a security guard in the community for almost two years, and he is relatively familiar with Wang Zhiguo. At this time, when he overheard that Wang Zhiguo was going away from home for two months, he couldn't help but look a little surprised, and at the same time he couldn't help but become excited.

   In fact, in Li Hao's eyes, he not only envied Wang Zhiguo's rich work, but also his happy family. What made him even more envied was Wang Zhiguo's beautiful stocking wife.

Li Hao is smart, but he is very timid and cautious. He knows his humble background, but always has unrealistic illusions. When he first saw Liu Mengxis two stunning legs in silk stockings, he He began to dream of the toad wanting to eat swan meat, licking Liu Mengxi's hooky silky legs day and night, hoping to have a few words with Liu Mengxi.

   But Liu Mengxi, who has always been cold, never looked at Li Hao, not because Liu Mengxi despised Li Haos origin, but because Liu Mengxi always felt that this glib young man was not real, so she avoided it. But this has deepened Li Hao's greed for Liu Mengxi! At this moment, when Li Hao heard that Wang Zhiguo was going on a business trip for more than two months, he was naturally ecstatic.

  Okay, Xiao Li, I won't tell you more, I have to catch a plane.

   OK OK, Brother Wang walks slowly, Brother Wang walks slowly...

   But after the joy, there was endless loss. Even if Wang Zhiguo was not at home for these two months, what could he do? Li Hao, who was born humble, and Liu Mengxi, who was aloft, was a world of difference. He could only watch Liu Mengxis sexy and charming legs in silk stockings float around in front of him, and he could only continue to do his toad. I just want to eat swan meat.

   Alas... Damn! Good cunts are made by pigs!

   Li Hao sighed, looked at Wang Zhiguo's distant back, feeling depressed, and casually cursed unwillingly. At the same time, behind him, there was a man's voice.

   Xiao Li? What are you muttering here early in the morning? ?

   Whoops! ? It's Mr. Ren!

   Li Hao was startled by the sudden voice! He turned around and looked on, only to see a middle-aged man wearing high-grade cotton pajamas, was dumping his garbage bag into the trash can, and then walked towards him with indifference.

   Ha ha, Mr. Ren, come to take out the garbage in the morning?

   Well, who was that just now?

   Oh, your neighbor, Wang Zhiguo.

   Oh... Zhiguo.

   This middle-aged man is Ren Haibo. He is 45 years old this year. He is a high-level boss in a listed company. He is also a neighbor of Wang Zhiguo and is also in the same company as Liu Mengxi. At this time, Ren Haibonuo looked at Wang Zhiguo in the distance thoughtfully, and when he saw him hurriedly leaving with his suitcase, he asked Li Hao beside him.

   Where is he going with his luggage?

   said that he was going to stay in another place for two months. Who knows if it is true or not?

   Hum, it's been two months since I went, it seems that their unit hasn't stopped recently.

   Hey! That's right, how can his broken unit compare with Mr. Li's company? You are now the big boss of a listed group, you...

   Okay, let's go.

  Hey? Hey, Mr. Ren? ?

   Li Hao is well aware of Ren Haibos social status, and always wants to curry favor with this rich general manager so that he can build a relationship and get a good job. However, Ren Haibo didn't even look down on this young man of background status. If he hadn't seen him talking with Wang Zhiguo just now, Ren Haibo would ignore Li Hao at all. At this time, Ren Haibo casually prepared to go home, while Li Hao beside him seized the opportunity to flatter Ren Haibo.

  what happened again?

   Mr. Ren, what I told you before... the transfer from the post...

  Oh! Xiao Li, you also know that our company has a higher door card, and at least you have to graduate from a bachelors degree. I advise you to take advantage of your young age, read more, and take the exam for a diploma before you come to me. .

   Whoops... Mr. Ren, where am I? I'm like being a security guard in your company, even if you let me watch the door in your company.

   Li Haos idea is very simple. If he can enter Ren Haibos company logically, even if he acts as the lowest-level security guard to open the door, it will be better than in this community. And he also knows that Liu Mengxi also works in that company, so that he can see Liu Mengxi often while holding a high salary. In fact, it's not for anything else, just want to take a closer look at Liu Mengxi's two. It was just a beautiful leg in silk stockings that made him suffocate.

   However, Ren Haibo had long forgotten Li Hao's request. Seeing Li Hao's begging expression on his face, he couldn't help laughing sarcastically at him.

   Ha ha ha, Xiao Li, Xiao Li, do you think its easy to be a gatekeeper in our company? We often have foreign businessmen visiting over there. Can you speak English?


  Ha ha? No way? Dont just stay here, or just go home and plant your land!

   After Ren Haibo finished speaking, he glanced at the little security guard in a daze, and then drove away. Li Hao couldn't help feeling deeply hated, and spit on the ground fiercely against Ren Haibo's leaving back!

  呸! Oh shit! The dog sees low things! No wonder God made your family be the last! ! I curse all eight generations of your family will never be queens! !

   This hatred in Li Hao's heart! He hated Ren Haibo's ruthlessness, and hated Ren Haibo's rudeness, but he had no choice but to scold him for a while and then returned to his job in despair.

   However, Li Hao's curse is not groundless. Although Ren Haibo has a high social status and wealth in his family, there is one thing that has always been the thorn in Ren Haibo's heart, that is, he is 45 years old, but he is still childless.

Ren Haibos wife was named Tang Jing, a 40-year-old housewife. She was quite charming when she was young, but she looked old and yellow when she was old. This made Ren Haibo start to drift away from his wife, plus Tang Jing. Over the years, he has not added a man and a half to Ren Haibo, which makes Ren Haibo feel very tired of his scumbag!

As the so-called apricot and willow spring flowers outside the wall, the glamorous and beautiful Liu Mengxi has always been under Ren Haibos nose, whether in the company or in the community, this beautiful woman in stockings is both his colleague and his neighbor. It is almost necessary to hook Ren Haibo's soul out of the body!

   Seeing that the yellow-faced woman in my family is only four years older than Liu Mengxi, why is the gap between the two women so big? Regardless of body size, skin color, temperament or appearance, his wife could hardly compare with Wang Zhiguo's wife, which made Ren Haibo's heart start to falter.

   Xiaoming, hurry to school after breakfast. Mom has something in the company this morning and cant send you to school.