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Serving cabin crew, part-time selling used supplies,like traveling, writing,cabin crew blogger.

Creating the rear cabin goalkeeper's diary, cabin crew's diary, cabin crew resign story.

I have a lot of dirty pantyhose and stewardess supplies.

I offer pantyhose,dirty socks, panties, shoes, and other stewardess supplies items.

1.Three-layer packaging!
2.Free shipping in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and most of Europe.
3.Stewardess supplies will be sent in Ziploc bags to hold their scent.

About pantyhose:
Because it is summer, the airlines stipulate that our flight attendants wear silk stockings in light gray coffee color, which looks like gray, but also a bit like coffee color.
I can also specify to wear black pantyhose and flesh-colored pantyhose for you.
Accept customization.

I have served dozens of customers, thank you for your trust, and will not accept all orders. For every order, I will do my best to do it well, so as not to disappoint every friend who trusts me.

Due to time difference and work reasons,I cannot reply to the information in time,please understand.