Used Panties Item Description:
1.Wear on one day or two days work.
2.$5 per extra day
3.Three-layer packaging, private delivery !
4.Free shipping in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and most of Europe.
5.Used panties will be sent in Ziploc bags to hold their scent.
6.Not for sale in Japan,India and South Korea.
7.It can be customized according to requirements

In addition to selling panties, it also sells used flight pantyhose, used flight shoes,used worn cabin crew uniforms and so on.

Special note:
PayPal collection is not supported due to PayPal policy. If you don't accept this clause, please don't contact me. Even if you contact me, I won't reply to you.

If you want to get surprises every month, you can subscribe to items by year:
1. You can get one pair of underwear every month and a total of 12 pairs of underwear a year
2. An extra flight pantyhose